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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stop to smell the floss - er,um, I mean flowers

Wednesdays are a busy day at MoreSMILES.  Yesterday was no exception.  With two doctors, three hygienists and a full support team in place, it's a happy place as we're greeting patients - friends really - making connections, teaching, healing.  It's a beautiful flow of energy. 

At the end of the day, I realized I hadn't spent much time at my desk--which means a backlog of paperwork and emails yet to face. 

In the quiet of the waning afternoon, I found myself in Operatory 2 gazing out at the garden renovations my sons had been working on all day.  The window seat bench began calling my name.  I laid down and gently let my focus transition to the relaxing music playing softly throughout the office.  I looked up into the delicate, lacy branches of the red maple outside the window and watched the bluebird parents tirelessly bringing dinner to their 5 chirping babies.  My breathing slowed; my eyes closed.  Peace reigned.  Ten minutes later, I awoke from my blessed nap.  Refreshed, I returned to my desk and finished my day.

Julie Moreau
Practice Administrator 

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