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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Porcelain Veneers - Smile Makeover

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Our United Healthcare Experience

We have worked with a lot of insurance policies over the last couple of decades, so our experience is pretty vast.  From time to time patients ask us for advice as to what's a good policy or which ones they should look at when considering paying a monthly premium in exchange presumably for some benefits.  We generally stay out of that type of conversation except to offer certain industry standards to look for--such as 100/80/50, annual maximums, deductibles, etc. 

As a provider though, there are intangibles we experience over and over again that begin to erode our confidence in a particular carrier.  Customer service is an example.  At some point you just have to recognize stall tactics and incompetence for what they are.

One of our team members spent 2 hours on the phone last week with United Healthcare.  She tells me she spoke to no less than 7 different people, most of whom would introduce themselves by their given name in their country of origin (presumably not U.S.), then tell her "you can call me Ted" or some other name more familiar to our American ears, and then they'd follow all that with an agent number so that when all other communication methods fail you might at least be able to repeat a series of numerals to identify who you spoke to.

The reason for the call was a blatant error on their part in the first place--switching the provider from "us" to a totally unrelated urgent care center provider in a city 25 miles away.  The issue was eventually resolved (we hope) but the wear and tear on my team member, the time away from her other duties to handle this situation, and the cost of that call to fix something that shouldn't have needed fixing in the first place, is unforgiveable.

So, when you tell us your insurance policy is with United Healthcare, please forgive US if the look on our face betrays our true feelings.  And when you have the chance, please consider talking to your human resources department at your workplace to let them know what benefits you value...including customer service!

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