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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Article About Dr. Moreau's NFL Sleep Screenings During Superbowl

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Dr. Moreau to Screen NFL Players for Sleep Apnea

Our very own Dr. Jim Moreau is participating with the NFL Players Association and the Pro Player Health Alliance during upcoming Superbowl events in New Orleans to screen NFL players and former players for sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. This event marks Dr. Moreau's third opportunity to work with NFL players:
  • in 2009, the year the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl, Dr. Moreau met with Saints players at the beginning of the season, took EMG scans to determine optimal jaw position for each one, and then fitted them with performance mouth guards based on open airways, jaw position and skeletal alignment to help them improve flexibility, balance and endurance. At least 22 of the players wore their mouth guards regularly through the remainder of that successful season.
  • in 2011, Dr. Moreau was one of 5 dentists from around the country, trained in neuromuscular jaw function, who participated in an event for NFL players during Superbowl weekend in Dallas.  The doctors met with about 35 players, celebrities and reporters to explain and demonstrate the concepts of neuromuscular performance mouth guards.
  • Dr. Moreau is a 1980 graduate of LSU Dental School and practices General Dentistry on New Orleans' Northshore, with a dental sleep medicine location on Amelia St. in New Orleans, near St. Charles Avenue.  He has focused on neuromuscular dentistry principals for the last 10 years in post-doctoral training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.  He is also affiliated with national dental sleep medicine organizations.
Sleep apnea, the "Silent Killer", is believed to be prevalent among athletes as well as the general population and has taken the life of at least one pro football player.  The first line of treatment for sleep apnea is usually a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), but a high percentage of patients are intolerant and non-compliant.  Dr. Moreau works with board certified sleep physicians to provide custom-fitted oral appliances as a CPAP alternative.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Single Visit Dentistry - MoreSMILES Takes it to a Whole New Level

The latest in CAD-CAM dentistry has arrived at MoreSMILES, meaning that Dr. Moreau and Dr. Shannon Doyle, will be able to create crowns and fillings for patients in a single visit.

If you've ever had a crown before, there are a couple of things now that just can just forget about!  Remember those messy impressions with gooey stuff that you had to bite down on and wait til it got hard?  Let it go.  Those impressions will now be done digitally via images projected onto a computer screen.  Your new tooth will be completely designed at chairside while you watch, and then milled right here in the office. 

Even if you had a CEREC CAD-CAM crown done in our office before (2005-2010), you may remember the digital impression required a contrast powder to be sprayed on the tooth prep in your mouth.  Let that go, too.  We now have the newly released Omni-Cam which provides beautiful, full color, 3-D images WITHOUT the powder. remember how you used to have to wear a temporary crown (that sometimes had to be recemented if it came loose) and then return to the office in 3 weeks for delivery of your permanent restoration?  Well...let it go.  We can now mill the crown and deliver it in one visit, eliminating the "temporary" and the second delivery visit.

And while you're waiting for the crown to mill, we'll pamper you with our complimentary spa amenities to help you relax and make this perhaps the best part of your day.

We know you're life is very full and you've got better things to do than make it to dental visits, so we're making it easier, more convenient and even downright pleasant to get your dentistry done at MoreSMILES.

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