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Friday, September 16, 2011

What Makes a Healthy Smile?

While we consider everything we do to be aesthetic, our first priority is the health of your smile--your teeth and gums.

A comprehensive exam is not necessarily where all of our patients start in our practice, but it's where we like them all to end up eventually. In other words, some patients first find their way to our office because of a specific problem that needs to be addressed. We focus on resolving that issue first, especially when someone's in pain, but then direct the patient to return for a comprehensive exam so we can make sure to prevent these urgent situations from popping up again by catching emerging conditions before they become a problem. Without a good, healthy foundation, every trip to the dentist will be for urgent care.

The comprehensive exam includes a thorough examination of all teeth and soft tissue in the mouth, checking lymph nodes in the neck, and screening the jaw joints for any signs of trouble. Every tooth is recorded in your clinical record along with any existing restorations or conditions, and every tooth is screened for signs of gingivitis or gum disease.

We also screen for signs of other medical conditions and refer to a physician when appropriate for further examination and proper diagnosis. For example, excessive plaque could be a sign of heart disease; lesions on the inside of the mouth could be a sign of autoimmune disorders, HIV, diabetes or leukemia; and the size of a patients neck or the anatomical shape of the palate could create a liklihood of sleep breathing disorders such as snoring or sleep apnea. Because people generally see their dentist twice a year for exam and cleaning, it's possible that the dentist may see important signs and symptoms before a physician.

All of our findings are presented to you, the patient, to give you a clear picture of where you are with your oral health as well as what's ahead on the horizon, options for improvement, and necessary care to restore or ensure your optimum oral health. In the absence of any pressing needs or desires, a schedule is established for routine care visits on a continuing basis for long-term health. If conditions are present that require restoration, we can make a plan to move through treatment all in one visit for your convenience and comfort, or we can phase the treatment to completed over a period of time.

And to alleviate your concerns over the financing of your dental care, we can handle all the details of filing your insurance and make arrangements so the financing of your deductibles and copayments will not put a strain on your family budget. But rest assured that the doctor's decisions and recommendations for your oral health will always be based on what's best for you, rather than on what the limitations of your insurance policy will allow.

Our mission is to provide honest, ethical dental care to enhance the quality of your life at a fee that's fair and commensurate with our level of service, years of experience and the materials we use for your treatment.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

NBC Nightly News Reports on HPV

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sleep Apnea Oral Device and Medical Insurance

Sleep breathing disorders, such as snoring and sleep apnea, can lead to very serious medical conditions. We use several tools in our practice to screen for these conditions, and we work with board certified sleep medicine physicians who diagnose sleep disorders and make treatment recommendations.

While CPAP is considered the optimum treatment for sleep apnea, a large percentage of patients who try CPAP find that they are intolerant of the apparatus or have difficulty using the device. In those cases, an oral device, such a Somnomed, may provide the necessary assistance to facilitate easier breathing all night long.

With proper diagnostic protocol by a sleep physician, Dr. Moreau can provide oral sleep devices and we can even handle the paperwork required to file a claim with your medical insurance carrier. This can greatly reduce your out-of-pocket expense and lead to a better night's sleep for you and your loved ones, more energy during your waking hours, and a longer, fuller, healthier life for you.

If you have seen a sleep physician and have had a polysomnogram sleep study already, ask us if an oral device might be a good option for you. If you have not seen a sleep physician yet, ask us to screen you for signs and symptoms that may indicate a sleep breathing disorder requiring medical attention.

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Oral DNA Testing on Anderson Cooper's Show

Did you happen to catch Anderson Cooper's new show this morning? His guests were two women who were abandoned as infants, subsequently found and adopted. They know nothing about their biological families or medical histories.

On the show, oral DNA testing was done using the women's saliva to reveal information about their ancestral origins.

Similar Oral DNA testing with saliva is also available in our office to test for certain types of bacteria that can cause gum disease or human papillomavirus (HPV) that can lead to oral cancer. Testing is only a couple of hundred dollars and can provide valuable information to steer treatment options for oral health or provide peace of mind.

Thanks, Anderson Cooper, for bringing this valuable diagnostic tool to light.

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Botox and Juvederm Introductory Specials

Botox and Juvederm dermal fillers are now available at MoreSmiles Dental Spa. We consider these expanded services to be a natural adjunct to the cosmetic dentistry we've been providing for 3 decades. Introductory pricing is available for our patients of record and for new patients as well.

Beautiful porcelain veneers, new aesthetic dentures and easy teeth whitening procedures create a more youthful overall appearance for your face. Many of our patients have experienced life-changing transformations through a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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