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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Do Dentists Dream Of?

Every now and then, it's time to shut down the equipment, turn off the lights and go clear some cobwebs. For Dr. Moreau, that usually means spending time with his family and/or Boy Scout Troop 111. Last weekend, the two Moreau scouts and their parents joined 10 other scouts and 7 adult leaders for a 2-night camping trip along the Bogue Chitto River. Gorgeous weather, no casualties, and lots of face time with Mother Nature.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Check-In on Facebook and Enter to Win

When you arrive at our office for your dental appointment, be sure to "Check-in" on Facebook so your friends will know you're at the dental spa. Your name will be entered into our monthly drawing for a surprise like lunch for 2 at one of our local restaurants, sports tickets or gift cards.

You will also be entered in the drawing during the month that you are due for your regular check-up visit, as long as your appointment is completed during the same month you are due.

Yep! Writing a Google Review on MoreSmiles Dental will also earn you an entry.

Take advantage of all these opportunities for free entry and you can increase your chances of winning.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lab Test Provides Early Detection and Screening for Oral Cancer and Perio Disease

One of the most prevalent causes of oral cancer is the Human Papilloma Virus. After the ordeal actor Michael Douglas went through in the last year with diagnosis and treatment for oral cancer, awareness is at an all-time high. Because a high percentage of mouth and throat cancers are caused by HPV, early detection and proper care and treatment can be life-saving.

MoreSmiles is now offering a simple lab test conducted using saliva specimens to screen for HPV. The test, OraRisk HPV, can be done during a routine check-up visit. While the cost may not be covered by insurance plans, the peace of mind or value of early detection can be well worth the nominal investment.

Here's a link to a news report about the test:


Lab tests are also available to test for a patient's susceptibility to periodontal disease and also to help determine the specific bacteria that is causing gingivitis, inflammation and gum disease pockets around the teeth. This allows for personalized treatment options to more effectively combat the gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Some patients who should consider the OraRisk HPV lab tests are those who use tobacco or alcohol regularly, those who are sexually active or with family history of oral cancers or suspicious oral lesions.

Patients for whom the MyPerioPath test is appropriate are those with signs and symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal disease, patients with chronic periodontal disease who are not responding to treatment, women of child-bearing age, those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, a history of cardiovascular disease, patients who use tobacco, and those who will be undergoing surgical procedures or radiation treatments.

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