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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Patient Happy With New Dentures + Headaches Gone

In this case, this patient's "old" dentures (left) were made in 2007...not that long ago. She reported having difficulty eating food because her teeth touched unevenly all the way around. You can also see here that the teeth are all flat and have no definition where the teeth transition to gumline. Additionally, the patient reported having headaches several times each week. This was due to her uneven bite.
The "new" denture we made her (right) has good occlusion - the way the upper and lower teeth meet when she bites down. The teeth have a very natural shape and roundness to them. They actually look like they're growing out of the gum tissue. The gum tissue has natural-looking stippling and the shading even simulates a halo of blanching in the transition from teeth to gums. And because they were fitted to her most comfortable bite position, spread evenly around the full arch, she is not only very happy with the aesthetics of her new prosthesis, but she is also headache-free.
This is the result of choosing a dental team who has the experience, knowledge, lab technicians and aesthetic eye to make it all come together in a denture that is beautiful, comfortable and functional.

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Blogger Joel said...

Wow! It is very rare that I get the chance to pass by on a dental spa blog. The idea really amazes me. How creative a person who thought of putting together dental and spa? Since, a lot of people now run to both the cosmetic dentist (Chicago) and physical therapist, it is very time saving to go in just one door. And also it seems relaxing to be in a room that smells lavender after running fast to an emergency dentist (Chicago) because of a terrible tooth ache.

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