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Friday, March 19, 2010

What Is Cha Cha Texting?

If you still think that Cha Cha is just the name of a rhythmic ballroom dance that originated in Latin America, then you may need to bone up on the latest techno texting tool. Admittedly, the only reason I happen to know about Cha Cha texting is because I have teenagers, insatiably curious ones at that.

The new form of Cha Cha, which is more about rhythmic thumbs than rhythmic feet, is a mobile source for conversational answers to any question you can come up with. It combines technology with human "backups" in case the questions require more detail. When some mystery of the universe would happen to come up at the dinner table, I was uber-impressed when one of my kids would quickly produce a very believable, rational-sounding explanation or definition. Turns out they were texting Cha Cha under the table.

Example: I picked the kids up at school this afternoon. After we dispensed with the fact that one of the twins had his phone taken away at school and now I had to present myself at the assistant principal's office to retrieve it AND make sure he shows up for his 1-hour detention for the infraction, my daughter told me she Cha-Cha'd daddy today. She actually Cha-Cha'd the PPM mouthguards first and received back a thoroughly detailed and totally accurate account of Pure Power Mouthguards, invented by Anil Makkar, a neuromuscular dentist. Very impressive. Then she told me she Cha-Cha'd to inquire what was Dr. Jim Moreau's connection to the PPM's. Cha-Cha, once again spot on, began to recount how Dr. Moreau had gone to the Saints camp for several days last fall to fit the NFL players with the PPM's. Pushing a bit further, she then asked Cha-Cha, "Is Dr. Moreau known to be a good dentist?" Cha-Cha's response: "He is know to be an EXCELLENT dentist and received the Award of Excellence from the American Dental Association's grassroots organization. Like I said - spot on.

So there you have it.


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