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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Dentists Make Happy Patients

Ever heard it said that "happy cows make better milk"? Well, according to a survey of some of America's top dentists, perhaps that theory applies to dentists as well.

In a survey that was conducted among several hundred doctors who are engaged in ongoing post-graduate dental education at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), 85% of respondents said that they are happier in their profession since attending LVI.

The reasons why may be almost as varied as the number of respondents, but from my experience and observation, here's what I think. Dentistry, especially with the state of insurance and economic pressures today (particularly on young dentists who need help surviving from the get-go), can lead a doc down a self-destructive path of high volume, crank-em-out dentistry that feeds the bank account and takes focus off patient care. Burnout is certain; it's only a matter of time.

LVI preaches sticking by your ethical guns and doing what's best for the patient...and the curriculum is designed around HOW to do what's best for the patient. The coursework and hands-on experience at LVI equip the dentist with the technical skill to achieve excellent, long-lasting results with aesthetics and advanced restorative. It instills the confidence to reach for a higher level of professional performance.

Does this eliminate stress and create happiness? No, in fact, technically, the stress level should go up because you end up seeing more challenging cases and patients with problems you never even knew how to diagnose pre-LVI. But the stress is manageable because you have the knowledge, understanding and confidence to competently diagnose and treat these patients...and help them. Ahhh...therein lies the happiness. In knowing with certainty that you're doing a good thing, doing it well and being fairly compensated for that expertise.


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Friday, March 19, 2010

What Is Cha Cha Texting?

If you still think that Cha Cha is just the name of a rhythmic ballroom dance that originated in Latin America, then you may need to bone up on the latest techno texting tool. Admittedly, the only reason I happen to know about Cha Cha texting is because I have teenagers, insatiably curious ones at that.

The new form of Cha Cha, which is more about rhythmic thumbs than rhythmic feet, is a mobile source for conversational answers to any question you can come up with. It combines technology with human "backups" in case the questions require more detail. When some mystery of the universe would happen to come up at the dinner table, I was uber-impressed when one of my kids would quickly produce a very believable, rational-sounding explanation or definition. Turns out they were texting Cha Cha under the table.

Example: I picked the kids up at school this afternoon. After we dispensed with the fact that one of the twins had his phone taken away at school and now I had to present myself at the assistant principal's office to retrieve it AND make sure he shows up for his 1-hour detention for the infraction, my daughter told me she Cha-Cha'd daddy today. She actually Cha-Cha'd the PPM mouthguards first and received back a thoroughly detailed and totally accurate account of Pure Power Mouthguards, invented by Anil Makkar, a neuromuscular dentist. Very impressive. Then she told me she Cha-Cha'd to inquire what was Dr. Jim Moreau's connection to the PPM's. Cha-Cha, once again spot on, began to recount how Dr. Moreau had gone to the Saints camp for several days last fall to fit the NFL players with the PPM's. Pushing a bit further, she then asked Cha-Cha, "Is Dr. Moreau known to be a good dentist?" Cha-Cha's response: "He is know to be an EXCELLENT dentist and received the Award of Excellence from the American Dental Association's grassroots organization. Like I said - spot on.

So there you have it.


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Team Excels in Patient Care and Service

Email we received from a patient:

"Cindi is honest, knowledgeable and treats patients with personal care and interest. My situation has not changed for the better; but she has brought me from panic to acceptance. She is now my comfort zone because she speaks the truth; but with understanding and compassion."

It's been 3 years since Cindi first contacted us by email to say she was moving to the south from New York and wanted to continue her decades-long career in dentistry. She had researched dental clinics in our area and targeted our office as her new home. As luck would have it, we did indeed have an opening for her on our team though we had to wait several months until her move was complete.

Cindi's pleasant personality, her easy art of conversation, her compassion for our patients, her servant spirit, her professionalism, her work ethic and her extensive knowledge of dentistry are just some of the things that inspire our team and endear our patients every day.

You can use this link to get to know Cindi and any of our other professional team members.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

ARES Sleep Recorder Used at Home to Diagnose Snoring and Apnea

Our home sleep recorder can be used by our patients to evaluate their risk for sleep apnea. In fact, the Watermark Medical device is called A.R.E.S. for Apnea Risk Evaluation System.

A.R.E.S. is an FDA-approved, wireless device that is worn comfortably around the head and rests fairly flat against the forehead so it's easy to sleep in your natural sleeping positions. The A.R.E.S. is also used at home in your own bed rather than in a clinical sleep lab with a sleep technician monitoring your sleep patterns through the night. The sleep study, or polysomnogram, may also be covered by your insurance plan.

A.R.E.S. records nocturnal data such as snoring levels, head movement and head positions, airflow, respiratory effort, blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The data is uploaded in our office and interpreted by a qualified sleep technician with a full written report that can be shared with your physician.

A sleep study provides the information needed for Dr. Moreau to prescribe and provide you with the oral appliance that will most likely cure snoring and sleep apnea by either holding the tongue or positioning the jaw forward to allow better airflow.

Untreated sleep breathing disorders are known to cause major medical conditions that can be life threatening. When diagnosed by a physician, the common treatment is a CPAP machine worn at night. More than half of all CPAP patients are mask-intolerant, claustrophobic, or find the CPAP to be intrusive on their sleep patterns. A properly fitted, custom oral appliance can be an effective alternative to the CPAP or even a primary cure for mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea.

Call us to request a free sleep apnea/snoring exam and evaluation. 985-809-7645.

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Monday, March 01, 2010

List of Food Items for "Buckets of Hope" for Haiti

Here's the list of food items we need for "Buckets of Hope" being sent to Haiti:
2 - 5-lb. bags long grain enriched rice
1 - 48-oz. plastic bottle cooking oil
2 - 2-lb. bags dry black beans (or red beans)
1 - 5-lb. bag of all purpose flour (not self-rising)
1 - 20-oz. cylinder container of granulated white sugar (coffee service size)
2 - 1-lb. boxes spaghetti noodles
1 - 40-oz. plastic jar smooth peanut butter
1 - white kitchen trash-can size plastic bag (to wrap bottle of cooking oil)

Deadline to drop off at our office is March 4th.

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