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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YOU Can Change Lives in Haiti With Buckets of Hope

Changing lives in Haiti is possible for YOU by filling a "Bucket of Hope" for a Haitian family still suffering from the effects of the devastating January 12 earthquake.

Our MoreSmiles team is participating with thousands of other people in Louisiana and Florida to send 5-gallon buckets of food supplies like rice and beans to Haiti, and we're making it easy for you to have the opportunity to help as well.

We have purchased big orange buckets, available in our reception room, and for about $30 you can fill one with a prescribed list of food items that will pass customs. You can either come by and pick up the bucket along with the list of food items to purchase, or simply purchase the items on the list and bring them to our office for a bucket here. When the families use the food supplies, they'll then be able to use the bucket to haul water or personal belongings.

We are covering the cost of shipping your bucket to Haiti via cargo ship from Florida.

If you're unable to fill a whole bucket, just select any of the items from the list and bring them to our office. We'll add the remaining items to complete a full bucket on your behalf.

Here's the list of food items - prepackaged, generic or store brand:
2 - 5-lb. bags long grain enriched rice
1 - 48-oz. plastic bottle cooking oil
2 - 2-lb bags dry black or red beans
1 - 5-lb. bag all-purpose flour (not self-rising)
1 - 20-oz cylinder container granulated white sugar (coffee service size)
2 - 1-lb. boxes spaghetti noodles
1 - 40-oz. plastic jar smooth peanut butter
1 - white kitchen-size trash can plastic bag to wrap bottle of cooking oil

The deadline for bringing supplies to our office is March 4th so we can have them ready for shipping the following week.

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