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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Choosing Sedation Dentistry

I'm looking at sedation dentistry in a whole new light after having my first colonoscopy last week. And I'm thinking it may be in my future.

I've always had some apprehension about dental visits since I had extensive dental work as a child back in the "mid-century". It was a bit ironic that I ended up marrying a dentist since my entire family knew about my dental history. But, in my adult dental life, I've always done very well since I obviously trust my dentist implicitly and he does have a gentle touch and lots of compassion.

But since the colonoscopy went so well, I may very well opt for oral sedation for my next dental visit simply because it's an option and would allow me to sleep through the appointment and have no memory of the procedures. I expected to feel some discomfort during the colonoscopy and have some level of awareness through the procedure, but I can happily report that I knew nothing, remember nothing between the time the medicine was added to my IV and when I was waking up to catch my ride home.

While not exactly the same medicine and delivery method as the colonoscopy, what could be easier than taking a pill orally, getting a nice nap and waking up with dental work completed??

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