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Friday, January 29, 2010

Proud Fleur de Lis

When we built our building in 2000, we and our architect chose the fleur de lis emblem as a motif consistent throughout the building design. It's embedded in the brick columns at the front door, it's inlaid in wood trim at the reception desk and even imprinted on napkins at the coffee and juice bar. At the time, people may have thought it odd that we would latch on to the symbol of the Saints in such an overt way, and some even commented questioningly, "You must really be big Saints fans."

We admitted that while we are diehard Saints fans, we chose the emblem more as a nod to the French heritage of the region and as an accent appropriate to the French style of the architecture. Little did we know then that the fleur de lis would rise after Katrina to be a symbol of hope and solidarity for a region crushed by loss and despair. People began wearing it and displaying it like never before in proud and unique ways.

And we could have only hoped that "someday" our Saints would rise to the top of the NFL and the fleur de lis would be displayed with the Superbowl logo!

So, today, when anyone mentions what forsight we must have had in choosing the fleur de lis to grace our building, we just SMILE.

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