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Friday, January 29, 2010

Proud Fleur de Lis

When we built our building in 2000, we and our architect chose the fleur de lis emblem as a motif consistent throughout the building design. It's embedded in the brick columns at the front door, it's inlaid in wood trim at the reception desk and even imprinted on napkins at the coffee and juice bar. At the time, people may have thought it odd that we would latch on to the symbol of the Saints in such an overt way, and some even commented questioningly, "You must really be big Saints fans."

We admitted that while we are diehard Saints fans, we chose the emblem more as a nod to the French heritage of the region and as an accent appropriate to the French style of the architecture. Little did we know then that the fleur de lis would rise after Katrina to be a symbol of hope and solidarity for a region crushed by loss and despair. People began wearing it and displaying it like never before in proud and unique ways.

And we could have only hoped that "someday" our Saints would rise to the top of the NFL and the fleur de lis would be displayed with the Superbowl logo!

So, today, when anyone mentions what forsight we must have had in choosing the fleur de lis to grace our building, we just SMILE.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

George Washington's Smile-A Leader's Struggle

We visited the new education center at Mount Vernon last week near Arlington, VA. Though it is widely known that our great leader had very awkward dentures and was extremely self-conscious about his smile as a result, I was surprised to see a rather large exhibit in the museum dedicated to "A Leader's Smile."
It chronicles his dental history from the loss of his first 2 teeth during the French and Indian War, his struggles to try to save his teeth and the pain he must have had to endure during every phase of his military career and public life.
How fortunate we are to live in a time when so much technology enhances the quality of our lives by making it so easy to avoid the difficulties George Washington had to endure with his smile.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Inside Scoop on Mouthguards

A large manufacturer of sports equipment has developed a mouthguard they promote as being able to provide the same benefits as the Pure Power Mouthguard. However, the product does not have the scientific backing, the research and technology to be able to produce the same results.

We are told that before the NFC championship game, PPM company reps had heard that a certain Vikings player would be wearing the competitor mouthguard during the game. They sent word to Saints camp that the player might lose shoulder and arm strength when his head was turned to the side. Well, it makes for a great story, and I can't say for sure if that is why the ball ended up on the turf on at least one occasion, but to those of us who know the positive impact of correct neuromuscular jaw positioning, it's certainly plausible.

I'm also told that 8 Colts players now have PPM's though they're not wearing them in the games so far...only for workouts.

Roman Harper, Pierre Thomas and Tracy Porter all clearly had their's in last night for the NFC Championship game.

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New Orleans Saints and Their Mouthguards Going to Miami

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on their victory last night. This city will never be the same after finally making it to the Superbowl!

Three games into the season we got a call from Anil Makkar, a Canadian neuromuscular dentist who had invented the Pure Power Mouthguard. He was bringing an elite group of 6 neuromuscularly trained dentists to New Orleans to fit the Saints players for PPM's. You can read the details of that process in previous posts, but the night before we all went to Saints camp for the first time, we met in the lobby of the Fairfield Inn in Kenner. He told us how his company had spoken to Saints GM Mickey Loomis and made a deal for us to make these mouthguards. I told Anil I had one question for him: "HOW DID YOU GUYS KNOW THE SAINTS WOULD BE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL?!" He looked at me and started laughing. He didn't know I was serious.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sleep Disorders on TV

There's an upcoming segment on the Dr. Oz Show about sleep disorders and I'm told it will include the ARES sleep study device we're using in our office to conduct sleep studies on patients in their own homes. I'll post details as soon as they're availabe. More on the sleep disorders later as well.

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On a Roll...

Wowweee, it's been a busy Fall-Winter. The holiday season is a blur.

We visited family in North Alabama and while there had a chance to visit with our new friend, Dr. Forrest Bryant, of Decatur-Huntsville. He was one of the dentists who came to New Orleans for the Saints Pure Power Mouthguard workshop. Great to see him again. It's always a blessing for us to spend time with other dentists who are as enthusiastic and energetic as we are about our profession.

Back in Louisiana, we attended the Sugar Bowl/Fellowship of Christian Athletes prayer breakfast and got to meet some of the Cincinnati players. The kids were thrilled to get Urban Meyer's autograph on a baseball cap. They proudly presented it to one of their teachers at the high school who is an avid Florida fan. It was good to see them experience the true joy of giving.

Speaking of giving, our local Alabama booster club, Northshore Tide, also had an opportunity to play Santa for a local boy who is a big Alabama fan and who's family didn't have the resources to provide Christmas presents. Our group came together and made significant donations, not only in money but in cherished memorabilia and time spent with the little boy and his family. A very special experience for us all.

And, of course for me personally, the holiday season was capped off in primo style with the national championship victory in Pasadena. Wish I coulda' been there...not...actually I had just as much fun gathering with about 50 local supporters and cheering our team on.

Oldest child back to college, younger ones back to high school and now back to work to create tons of healthy and beautiful smiles in 2010.

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