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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saints PPM Mouthguards on Monday Night Football?

We hear a rumor that the PPM's (Pure Power Mouthguards) we made for the New Orleans Saints may be featured on Monday Night Football tomorrow night.

The company, Makkar Advantage, is keeping details somewhat secretive, but we do know the the inventor of the PPM's, Dr. Anil Makkar, has been in New Orleans this weekend and has been in contact with Dr. Moreau regarding the details of our work with the Saints. Dr. Makkar was also meeting with Monday Night Football Analyst John Gruden to fit him for a PPM.

So, when (not if) you're watching Monday Night Football tomorrow night and you hear John Gruden start talking about the Saints mouthguards, pay close attention and you'll know what we've been up to. The mouthguards can be easily ID'd by the distinctive oval shaped "PPM" logo on the front of them. Most are either black or gold, a few are clear (usually for the lower teeth), and one notable exception was the crimson colored one I suggested for my fellow Alabama alum, Roman Harper.

Golf, triathalons, tennis, wrestling and martial arts are some of the other applictions of the various forms of this oral appliance. Based on neuromuscular dentistry science, the PPM applies to virtually all sports and has been shown to improve performance through increased flexibility, strength and balance.

Only dentists who are very experienced at treating temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders, neck and shoulder pain with neuromuscular dentistry can be certified to perform this service. Dr. Moreau is the only PPM-certified dentist in the New Orleans area, and is one of only three in Louisiana and Mississippi.

See other recent blogs about the PPM mouthguards and the neuromuscular dentistry science behind them below.


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Blogger David said...

Now you can update the blog to how Jon Gruden talks about the benefits of the Saints new performance enhancing mothguards.

David D. May, DDS

9:55 PM  
Blogger sam said...

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