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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Saints Mouthguard Technology Can Help Athletes & TMJ Sufferers

I should also mention that the same science that was used to make the New Orleans Saints PPM (Pure Power Mouthguards) is also used (in fact was developed primarily) to help patients who suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pain and other symptoms related to Temporamandibular Disorder, or TMJ disorder.

Only dentists like Dr. Moreau who are trained in neuromuscular dentistry techniques at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies can be certified to provide Pure Power Mouthguards. It is a very sophisticated device custom designed for each athlete using EMG scans to find that individual's most comfortable position for alignment of neurons and muscles from head and neck throughout the body.

There is no other device like this on the market, nor will there ever be. Some companies have tried to develop something similar and are marketing it as the equivalent, but there is no science behind their product. I'm told that the Saints actually tried the imposter brand previously and deemed it to be garbage.

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis then heard about the PPM's and asked Jonathan Vilma, who had brought his PPM with him when he was traded to New Orleans, if he liked his device. Based on his recommendation and a personal meeting with Dr. Makkar (PPM inventor), Loomis gave the green light for the Saints, and that's when we were invited in to do the PPM process for Saints players.

The TENSing and EMG scans are something Dr. Moreau does every day in our office in the course of treating TMJ patients and also in creating durable, long-lasting smile makeovers for our patients (long-lasting because we focus on the correct bite and function as well as the aesthetics).

We are tickled black and gold to be able to apply this technology in a way that may be helping our beloved New Orleans Saints in this dream season! GEAUX SAINTS!!


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