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Monday, October 26, 2009

Is Dental Insurance a Friend or Foe?

A while back I saw a survey that polled dentists to find out how most dentists view dental insurance companies. A whopping 89% of those polled said that insurance companies were " the business of looking out for themselves, not patients or doctors." Only 11% replied, "friend...(they) expanded my practice and serve as an important marketing source for new patients."

Here are some of the comments dentists shared:
  • "Insurance companies are an unnatural intrusion into the purest relationship between two unrelated humans: care give and receiver."
  • "Patients with dental insurance are much more likely to agree to a treatment plan."
  • "They are a necessary evil!"
  • "Insurance companies actually seem to cost a practice money."
  • "Thieves without masks or guns."
  • "They are a large source of the income that I receive in my practice so in that sense they're a 'friend', but they're in it solely for the money."
As for our practice, Dr. Moreau accepts assignment of benefits from insurance carriers but is considered "out of network." This allows him to use the highest quality supplies, labs and devote an appropriate amount of time to each patient without insurance company restrictions and limitations. It also allows sufficient profitability for the practice to continue its committment to leading edge continuing education so we can offer the most up-to-date products, services, techniques and materials to our patients who have come to expect that level of care from our office.

We do have associate dentists who may choose to participate with insurance companies as "in-network providers." They are able to do so without compromising the quality of care that is the benchmark of MoreSMILES due to their affiliation with an established dentist such as Dr. Moreau who has a steady flow of new patients and a productive schedule.

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