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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are Silver Mercury Fillings Harmful?

We've long contended that whether harmful to your health or not, silver fillings are not necessary to dentistry. There is no substantiated link between the mercury fillings and any number of health issues that some people say are caused by them. The ADA supports the use of silver fillings, many dentists still provide them for patients out of economy, and not surprisingly, most dental insurance companies will only pay for silver and not tooth-colored composite fillings (again, out of economy). But the bottom line is that silver fillings are downright ugly and it is also proven that as they expand and contract with temperature variations, they can certainly cause teeth to crack and break, not to mention leakage of bacteria around old fillings. Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, on Sunday Housecall on Fox News Sunday, agreed on all points. He said that if you have silver fillings, there is no need to run right out and get them all removed. BUT, he also said, if you're having fillings replaced anyway or getting new fillings and the dental office where you go wants to do silver fillings, you should refuse them and go somewhere else where you can get more modern, better materials used in your teeth.

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