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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sotomayor Nominated...For Her Smile??

Naturally, I can't help but notice first thing...a person's smile...Supreme Court nominees no exception. As soon as I saw Obama's Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor on TV during the official announcement, of course I began subconsciously critiqueing her smile. A nice one, I thought. Very white, stands out. Can't help but make note of it. Then I also noticed her length and her occlusion as she spoke. Seemed familiar. Could be a neuromuscular reconstruction? Nice work at any rate and really, really improves her appearance and her likeability, politics aside. What do you think?? -Julie

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fighting For What's Right

It's easy for parents - families - these days to get so swept up in "activities" and miss out on golden family memories. Arguably, there is value and benefit in many, if not most, of the busy-ness we involve ourselves in.

Speaking for myself, personally, I sometimes expend a great deal of energy in some direction only to look back with regret on a missed opportunity or misdirected intention. But sometimes you just know that certain causes are worth the resources required and will pay dividends which are wide-reaching and sometimes immeasurable.

As parents, we'll pass in the doorway tonight, alternating time spent shepherding our family. Jim has been in Washington, D.C. for two days participating in the ADA's leadership conference and meeting with Louisiana's senators and congressmen and their staffs. Anyone who pays any attention at all to the news is aware of the challenges facing our health care system. There are issues very important to health care providers, their patients, small businesses and insurers.

Rather than sitting back and waiting for other people to decide, act, vote and implement, Dr. Moreau is "in the game" to use one of his beloved football metaphors. He is the statewide coordinator for the ADA's grassroots program to keep in touch with current legislative issues that affect dentistry. As such, he volunteers hours and gives up days out of his practice to try to make sure that whatever happens in dentistry, it is for the best interest of our ability to serve our patients as best we can. I'll leave the details to him and let him share his passion here later. But I am grateful that he feels strongly about the future of our profession and has a desire to devote some energy in the direction of preserving and furthering better dentistry for us and for you. So we make a sacrifice, we figure out a way to make things work so he can do what he believes in.

As he gets home tonight, I'll be leaving for my once-a-year "night job", a shift at our local Project Graduation celebration...a drug-free, alcohol-free graduation night celebration for our local high school seniors. It's a well orchestrated, well-run, well-attended event which brings the seniors together for an all-night party together with friends, many perhaps for the last time before spreading out to different paths to the future. The idea is to keep them off the streets and out of trouble on a night that can lead to plenty of trouble and heartache. It's supported by local businesses who donate coveted prizes such as electronics and small appliances. It's completely staffed by parent volunteers who want to know that our kids are enjoying a fun and fabulous night of memories - safely.

I don't expect to make it to 6 a.m. like the attendees, but I'll be there for my 4-hour shift to greet the new grads as they arrive, hand out their "passports" for the night, and lay some groundwork for their expectations. But, considering that teenagers lives may be at stake, I think it's worth the sacrifice of a few hours away from my family, a happily sleepless night, to make sure our young people are safe on graduation night.

These are issues about right and wrong, good and bad. They require energy, lots of it, but being involved is the right thing to do. And so we do.


So, I tuck my kids in bed

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Glad We Could Help!

Dr. Moreau,

I called in desperation, after a horrible bonding procedure, in hopes that someone more qualified than my regular dentist could repair. Your staff was kind enough to fit me in only two days later to see what you could do. When I walked in, I was impressed by the very tasteful surroundings, the pleasant staff, and the overall “feeling” of your office.

You came out and introduced yourself which showed me that you take a personal pride in your practice. Not only did you fully explain what you could and could not do on our first visit, you kept me abreast of what you were doing while working on my teeth. Needless to say, the work you did this morning is far superior to what I had, but it is also much better than I could have expected under the circumstances. Although it is quite difficult to get to your office because of my schedule, I will serioiusly consider making adjustments in the future in order to let a true professional take care of my dental needs.

You have rescued my week!


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