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Thursday, April 02, 2009

What can come from "Customer Love"?

Knowing our mission to exceed all our patients' expectations in every way, our very good friend Mike gifted us yesterday with a book called "Customer Love." It presents stories of how companies have come up with creative and effective ways to provide great service to their customers. Our friend thought that our team would eat it up, and he was right.

We routinely brainstorm to see if there's something we haven't thought of yet that might make our patients' experiences with us even better. We carefully scan the horizons for new technologies that might benefit our patients and provide greater convenience, comfort or results in the dental chair. And we continually challenge the things we've already been doing that have been successful to make sure we're consistent in our delivery of excellent care and excellent service.

So, naturally, I expect this book will provide plenty of food for thought. Cindi has already proposed a plan for digesting the book as a group and then stimulating discussion to see what ideas we might apply.

Hopefully, you'll be pleasantly surprised in the future to find that we've ramped it up even more and yet again exceeded your expectations for dental care and service! Thanks Mike...we love ya!

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