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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smile Reminders is Way Cool

Well, for about 2 years now, our office has been using Smile Reminders to stay in techno-touch with our patients, and the response has been fabulous.

Apparently I'm not alone in my relatively newfound reliance on text messaging and email. Many of our patients have told us how much they love getting a quick text message reminder about an upcoming appointment. With a simple "reply", they are able to confirm the appointment with us or let us know if there's something we can do to make their experience more pleasant.

And if you're due for a cleaning appointment and didn't schedule in advance at your last visit, then you'll get a message to remind you it's time to schedule. Again, a quick reply sends us an appointment request so we can reserve time at your convenience.

One very strong benefit for both patients and our professional team is that we have the ability to electronically invite each patient to complete a survey to let us know about their experience in our office. We can at once see the areas we need to reinforce to continue to provide the excellent care and service we are known for, and at the same time get almost instant feedback on something we may want to try to improve upon.

A future area of development within the Smile Reminder framework will be to contact patients on short notice when a scheduling opportunity has become available. We keep an ASAP list on a back burner with a promise to call patients if a sooner appointment becomes available. Soon we'll be able to text or email to alert patients that an opportunity is available in 2 hours or perhaps the following morning.

And of course, the Smile Reminders e-newsletter has been a vehicle for showcasing some of our services and news items to our patients to keep them abreast of new technologies, special offers, and the benefits of various dental procedures.

Our use of Smile Reminders is consistent with our ongoing thrust towards excellence in all areas of our dental practice. And it smoothly integrates into our patients' busy lives to enhance their overall experience with MoreSmiles.

P.S.: For all you lurking dental professionals, if you contact Smile Reminders about adding these services to your practice, be sure to tell them you read about them on Dr. Moreau's blog.

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