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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Secret to Success? A Smile

In this morning's "Times Picayune" New Orleans' newspaper, columnist Dave Walker writes about the new TV show, "The Mentalist." The show apparently had a pretty good run so far in its first month of premier episodes and is expected, based on initial ratings (Nielsen's Top 10), to be around for a long time.

He attributes the show's success to the production's ability to fulfill the "three secrets to making a successful TV drama these days." Secret #3: "The scripts always find time for Baker (the main character) smile."

Walker quotes "Mentalist" creator Bruno Heller as saying that people turn on their TV sets because "they want to see people smile. They want to see people be happy. Let's be happy." He goes on to say that the hero in the show is a dark character but, regardless of adversity or tragedy, his heroism is that he is able to remain positive.

I'm so thankful for heroes like that in our lives. Our mission at MoreSmiles is "We want to help you smile more!" And our team is heroic in their day-to-day happiness. They keep smiling and they keep me smiling. They're committed to our mission and they are a positive force in the lives of our patients, guiding each one towards the highest level of health that's possible.

And so many of our patients are heroic in their drive to keep smiling regardless of adversities that they face. We see people every day with serious health problems, personal problems, business trials and family troubles. But the very fact that they are in our office is testimony to their determination to keep smiling or to smile again, to protect or restore health...and to hope.

We are grateful for the privilege of helping people find success through the simple secret of a smile.


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