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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where Did August Go?

What an incredible month it's been! From the IACA conference in Orlando (International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics) to LVI (Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies) to several trips to Alabama to visit family and deliver our daughter to her chosen institute of higher learning, we have created a whirlwind at the back door of our home. The poor dogs never know when we're coming or going; they just know to get upset when they see the suitcases coming out. I'm sure they were delighted to find that at least some familiar family members stayed behind at each trip.

At each level we've achieved in the evolution of our dental practice, I sit back and take it all in and wonder, "How can it get any better than this?" But it's never long before we discover something new or better that we can do for our patients. Such is the case as I reflect on all the energy generated over the last month during these travels.

There's another whirlwind going on in my mind as I sift and sort information that you will experience in the way of increased efficiency and service in our office. We'll be implementing technology and tightening up the ship to make sure that we're spending the most energy helping patients who need, want and appreciate what we can do for them.

At a point in one's dental career where many doctors have long glazed over at the thought of plugging silver putty into holes in people's teeth, I am so grateful that we continue to be energized by the possibilities of what is available in modern dentistry for us to share with our patients. Love and gratitude to patients who desire the best dentistry has to offer! Love and gratitude to a husband who is never content with status quo.

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