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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pure Power Mouthguard for Improved Athletic and Sports Performance Being Introduced to New Orleans Area

From the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry emerges an engineered mouthguard that can help improve physical performance for the recreational golfer, the high school athlete and the professional alike.

The Pure Power Edge mouthguard was invented by an NM dentist, like Dr. Moreau, who discovered that a NM orthotic used in the treatment of TMJ disorders, headaches and muscle tension can be carried a step further to increase strength, endurance and balance. We had been watching the development of this technology and heard about the impact that it was having for sports enthusiasts and athletes through some of our colleagues' offices across the country. After meeting with the inventor, Dr. Anil Makkar, last week at the IACA meeting in Orlando, we've decided that it's time to bring the Pure Power Mouthguard to the New Orleans area.

Professional athletes such as Manny Ramirez have used the Pure Power Edge and attest to the measurable improvement in performance that they attribute to locking their teeth into a neuromuscularly correct bite and opening their airways.

Unlike store-bought mouthguards that are typically fitted by boiling and melting the plastic to help mold it to the teeth, the Pure Power Edge is a laboratory-fabricated device that is custom fitted to each individual's bite. The "correct" bite for each person is scientifically ascertained by TENSing and then scanning to determine the precise location in which jaw and facial muscles are most comfortable and relaxed.

When the jaw and teeth are locked into this optimum position, the body is free to pull maximum energy from its core and direct it towards focused movement. The result is more strength, better focus, more energy, better balance.

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