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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where in the World is Dr. Moreau?

Perhaps the single greatest influencer in the evolution of our practice is continuing education. I'm not talking about the kind of CE where you sign in, get a donut, get the credits you need to fulfill licensing requirements, and go have some fun on office expense. I'm talking about rubber hits the road, sit on the front row and hang on every word kind of CE!
We have been fortunate in our practice development journey to have aligned with some very special groups of dentists who share comaraderie and a thirst for "better." We are living in a time in dentistry when some brilliant people have managed to find each other, put their vast amount of knowledge together, pool their seemingly limitless intellectual resources and literally start a revolution in how dentists can help their patients live more comfortably with properly functioning, healthy teeth, muscles, joints, and bone and look better at the same time. And, to Dr. Moreau's credit, he happened to find this group and tap into their energy.
Today, while we are at the International Association for Comprehensive Aesthetics conference, I've met dentists, spouses and team members from Russia, Canada, Australia, California, New Jersey, Dallas, Boulder, and somewhere in North Carolina. They come from around the globe, and they come not for the donut but for the experience of sitting in a lecture room that's electric with energy and passion for the shared pursuit of excellence in our chosen field.

It's well past midnight where I am, and I have another round of lectures beginning in just 7 hours. But I sit reviewing notes from the day's harvest of ideas. Thanks Dr. Gordon for your Learning Rules:

1. Don't believe everything you think (or you'll never learn anything new),
2. You can temporarily accept new ideas without believing them, and
3. Everything does not have to be done "my" way.

OK, so about this time last year, we were attending a meeting related to our use of the Waterlase MD laser, and I posted a "Where in the World..." picture representative of the meeting's locale. I invited readers to take a shot at guessing where we were. The first patient who correctly named our location received their next professional cleaning free of charge.

So here's the clue for our current location at IACA:

Does this picture look familiar to you? Any ideas where we are?

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