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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Writes This Blog?

As a matter of disclosure, I just want to state here that this blog is maintained and mostly written by me, Julie Moreau. I am my husband's Practice Administrator and have worked at his side (or somewhere in the office) for 23 years. During that time, I have attended nearly every dental continuing education symposium known to man. I've read the journals for practice administration, hygiene, perio, implants, cosmetics, ADA, LDA, JADA, AACD and every other set of dental initials. I've sat at the feet of nearly all the dental "gurus" since 1984. And I've worked in virtually every single role within the dental practice, except the dentist himself or the hygienists. And it doesn't hurt that I have my own background (pre-dentistry) in health care communications, marketing and news writing.

Am I bragging? No, I'm just sharing so that anyone reading this will understand my perspective on the topics I write about. In most cases, I've been there, done that, heard the lecture, observed the patient, whatever.

Do I exaggerate? Perhaps. But not much.

So, to paraphrase the legalese: the opinions you read on this blog may not necessarily be the opinions of the doctor and should not be construed to be medical or dental advice. The posts are my own words and thoughts, unless otherwise credited to Dr. Moreau or another team member. My intentions are always good, and I invite your feedback.


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