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Sunday, June 01, 2008

What is an LVI smile?

There is a national advertising campaign on television and in magazines promoting the LVI smile and LVI dentists. Dr. Moreau is proud to be a part of this small group of about 800 dentists nationwide who were invited to participate in this campaign.

The LVI dentists are a select group of doctors who have completed post-doctorate education in functional aesthetics at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). Their skill in cosmetic dentistry is supported by their understanding of proper occlusion (the way the teeth bite together) and healthy neuromuscular relationship between muscles, joints and jaws.

The Las Vegas Insititute was founded in the late '90s and has become world renowed as a premier center for advanced dental studies well beyond dental school. Dr. Bill Dickerson, the founder of LVI, created a program dedicated to cosmetic dentistry. His journey lead him to focus not only on the cosmetic aspects of smile restorations and recontruction, but on the functional aspects as well. This has become the hallmark of LVI dentistry--the skill, technique, and artistry of creating beautiful smiles, combined with proper function that will allow long-lasting, durable, comfortable and life-changing smiles.

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