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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miracle Worker? Mandeville Smiles On Us

I just have to pass along this story that our appointment and treatment coordinator, Cindi, just told me. Now bear in mind that every day is not all sunshine and roses at MoreSMILES. We do make the birds sing sometimes, but we have daily challenges, even frustrations, in the course of practicing dentistry. So, it's very reassuring to get a nice pat on the back every now and then.

Cindi went to the post office this morning, and when the postal clerk saw our logo on her uniform, she said, "MoreSmiles? Oh, you're the miracle workers." To which Cindi replied, "Excuse me??" The clerk explained that the last five customers she had waited on who had pretty smiles, she had commented on their nice smiles and they all told her that Dr. Moreau is their dentist. The clerk laughed and said that the next person she saw with a pretty smile, she told them, "I know who your dentist is...Dr. Moreau." She said the customer looked stunned and said, "Yes, as a matter of fact, he IS my dentist."

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