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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Try On a New Smile

There are a couple of really effective ways for a patient to get an idea of what their smile would look like if they made certain cosmetic improvements to their teeth.

A resin "mock-up" can be achieved by placing resin filling material directly to the teeth to simulate what the changes would look like. The teeth are not prepped/etched to allow for permanent attachment of the resin, so once it's light-cured to harden, it can be simply popped off. The mock-up is not particularly artistic or color-matched, but it does pretty accurately represent the potential for the smile.

Computer digital imaging is another resource for previewing cosmetic changes. We take a digital photograph of your full face, download it into the imaging program, use a "paint" type software to simulate changes such as whitening, gum recontouring, shorter or longer teeth, veneers, etc.

And another resource is similar to the mock-up mentioned above but is a bit more flexible...literally and figuratively. An "off-the-shelf" strip of pliable, rubbery "veneers" can be temporarily adhered to the fronts of the upper arch of teeth. They'll stay on long enough to make it home and show them to your spouse or your mom, but will peel off easily. Unlike the mock-up, the strip will come off in one piece and then can be quickly reapplied for an instant before/after comparison.

Another advantage is that sometimes a question may arise as to how many teeth will need to be veneered for a natural-looking result. The strip can be trimmed, or shortened down to 4, 6, or 8 teeth to allow a realistic idea of how many veneers will render the best result throughout the bucchal corridor.

Next post: Looking down a dark hallway...or...exploring the bucchal corridor.

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