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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Snap-On Smile on The Today Show

I saw a quick segment on The Today Show last week which featured a removable aesthetic dental mouthpiece called Snap-On Smile. The case shown on the segment was a young person who had some spacing or pointy teeth if I remember correctly. With literally a "snap" the dental device was placed over the teeth, totally changing the appearance of the smile--for the better, obviously.

For a quick, temporary transformation - for short-term wear - a Snap-On Smile may satisfy an immediate need for some patients. Or if a patient is considering having some veneers or other permanent cosmetic dentistry done, but would like to "try-on" a sample to see how they would look with certain changes to their smile, a Snap-On Smile is one of several options allowing a sneak preview.

The drawback would be Snap-On Smile in the hands of a dentist who doesn't fully understand proper occlusion (yes, that happens) or a patient who treats the device as a long-term solution to their aesthetic ailments. Just like with no-prep veneers such as Dura-Thins or Lumineers, case selection is important. Since the device adds to the occlusion of the teeth, it can change the bite and create some discomfort for the patient. Prolonged wear could lead to more troubling symptoms. Snap-on Smile is also better used in a situation where your smile won't come under close scrutiny but may be viewed rather from a distance or in fleeting moments.

Snap-On Smile certainly has it's usefulness, but in the hands of a knowledgeable, progressive dentist is but one tool in a hefty toolbox that offers multiple options for multiple dilemmas and must be deployed only in the right situation for which it is best suited.

My next post will discuss another option for allowing patients to preview cosmetic improvements they may be considering.


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