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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Changing Lives Daily

I mentioned in a previous post on this blog the power of transforming a person's life through cosmetic or advanced reconstruction dentistry. You may be sceptacle and wonder how that is possible. A few examples come to mind.

Several years ago, a middle-aged, single lady came in for a smile makeover. We placed some porcelain veneers proportioned for her face and shaded for her particular coloring. The result was stunning. When she returned several months later for her periodic exam and professional cleaning, she looked absolutely beautiful. Not only was she quick to flash her lovely new smile, but she had complemented that look with a new hairstyle and contact lenses instead of glasses. Her long-time boyfriend had proposed marriage and she was literally starting a new life. While results such as this may not be typical in every case (as they say on TV ;-), we do see this type of overall change in a patient's life once they have the renewed self-confidence that comes with a renewed smile.

Another case is a beautiful young college student who had a laser gum lift to allow her smile to present longer teeth framed by her lips instead of her gums, followed by porcelain veneers. I recently saw a friend of hers who told me what a beautiful job we had done on her smile and he told me (and I quote), "Ya'll have transformed that girl!" Coincidentally, she was featured in a magazine ad with a group of other people. She told us that at the time of the photo shoot, the photographer was arranging his subjects for the shots. He looked at her and said, "You, with the teeth, over here." He promptly placed her in a prominent position at the forefront of the group.

Another young lady had extensive decay on nearly every tooth. Over the course of several appointments, we restored her smile with a combination of porcelain crowns, veneers, onlays and tooth colored fillings. She barely smiled when we first began seeing her as a patient, and spoke very little and softly, without eye contact. By the time we completed her restorations, she was bounding into the office, once again, as with the aforementioned patient, with a new hairstyle, and a completely outgoing personality.

We are so grateful to these patients, and scores more, who have allowed us the absolute privilege and joy of being able to do this for them. We love what we do, and we're having the time of our lives...helping people change theirs.

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