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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Closing Spaces in One Appointment

Closing spaces between teeth (called a diastema) may be easier than you think.

Here's a case Dr. Moreau completed yesterday in less than 2 hours using a direct resin bonding technique (also called "direct veneers" because they're made with resin material applied directly to the tooth rather than a porcelain shell fabricated in the lab).

Local Anesthetic was used with Waterlase MD LASER assurance of comfort through the entire procedure.

Material such as this will last in some cases as long as 15 years and because there was no tooth preparation, it can be redone as often as necessary without damaging tooth or the pulp tissue inside.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

...and Again... before the day was out, we all had two more reasons to smile on our way out the back door.

One patient told Dr. Moreau how he had helped turn her son's life around by fixing his teeth and helping him get his smile back. He was into drugs and wasn't doing well in school. He went to another dental office and said he was very frustrated by the experience and was not going back. His brother had been a patient in our office and told him to come see us. He decided to give us a try. And he came back again and again. We were able to restore his teeth and his mom said that it changed his life so much that he wanted to do better for himself. He got off drugs and started working hard in school. His confidence was boosted and now he's pursuing a career in broadcasting. Dr. Moreau was so touched, I think he was quietly sobbing behind his face mask. :-) It is truly a blessing to encounter people, young and old, and simply by doing what we love doing, and using the gifts and talents God has given, we are able to have that kind of impact on help them realize the true potential that lies within and help them find the confidence to strive to be all that God wants them to be.

As we were leaving the office, Cindi, our patient care coordinator, related an experience she had at Fresh Market today. She had gone to pick up something for lunch, and as she was checking out, the cashier smiled and said, "Oh, you're back." Cindi had her uniform on with our office logo embroidered on the front. So she was easily recognizable, besides her memorable, bright personality and ready smile. The cashier recalled that last time Cindi was in at lunch, she had been very courteous to another customer in line with her and had assisted her with some groceries and offered to allow her to check out ahead of her. The lady graciously declined, so Cindi checked out and went on her way. The cashier said that after Cindi left, the other customer commented: "WHEREVER SHE WORKS, I WANT TO GO THERE BECAUSE THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE." Wow! What an endorsement! That's exactly the reputation we want to project into our community! definitely get the best parking spot this week! And by the way, take Friday afternoon off. Love ya'.

Thanks also to Theresa, Jill, Jessica, Jamie and Shannon. You ALL encourage US to be all that God wants us to be. You're all the greatest!


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It's So Nice to be Loved!

Experience has taught me that whenever I start feeling pretty confident, even cocky, about my place in the world, God has a way of humbling me and putting me in my proper place. So it is with a spirit of humility and an eye to the sky that I bask momentarily here and enjoy a recent shower of kudos we've received.

This morning a 6-yr-old young man was in our office with his mom. He went into the restroom to brush his teeth with our disposable, pre-pasted toothbrushes we provide for in-office touch-up prior to an appointment. The mom came out smiling and said, "He hates toothpaste, but he loves the flavor on these toothbrushes. I'll order a case of those if it will get him to brush his teeth." I handed him a few for the road and asked him what flavor he thought they were. "Let me see," he said as he began to brush his teeth standing in the middle of our business office. On the way out the door, he looked up at his mom and said, "Can I brush my teeth in the car?" What a treasure!

A few days ago, another youngster was having some fillings done, and while she wasn't quite so thrilled throughout the entire process, at least towards the end she was beginning to warm up to the whole idea. The adults in the reception room were a bit perplexed, having heard her previous protests, when she exited the building asking, "Can I come back to the dentist soon?" Oh happy day!

Then, there was this comment we received from a patient on a post-appointment survey, which I can't resist passing along (humans live for this kind of affirmation):

"From the first call to inquire about the services offered, and continuing through the completion of my appointment, everyone I encountered practiced a seamless and exceptionally professional service. Quite frankly, your practice should be the model for any business to emulate when it comes to exceptional customer service, a state of the art facility and superior skills at every level. As you might have guessed by now, I was very impressed from my visit and I will go well out of my way to refer my friends and family."

Although we get pretty accustomed here to hearing positive feedback from our patients (and I say that, God, in the humblest sort of way), it is always very gratifying to be reminded that, when we're elbow deep in gauze, cotton rolls, prophy paste, and well, let's face it...spit, we are at the same time fulfilling our purpose of helping other people, restoring health and restoring a smile to the face of a busy mom, a busier toddler, or a tired and frazzled business man taking care of business. We love what we do, and we love it when that shows!


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Boy, was this patient happy!

This is a bleaching procedure Jamie and Dr. Moreau did today. This patient was thrilled; she couldn't even believe it was the same teeth.



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