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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Laser Cavity Detection

Since 2000, our office has been using DIAGNOdent lasers for early detection of decay. We purchased the laser within a month after they first came on the market. We were, to my knowledge, the first dental practice in Louisiana to use DIAGNOdent (according to what the sales rep told me at the time).

Here's why the DIAGNOdent is such a valuable tool: With the use of fluoride in water supplies and toothpastes, the outside, hard surfaces of our teeth have become stronger and more resistent to decay. But when bacteria begins to form in the hard-to-reach pits and fissures in the natural tooth structure (and it always does!), it can be very difficult to diagnose with even an x-ray. The bacteria does not grow outward and spread across the exterior of the fluoride-fortified tooth enamel; it insidiously creeps down and inward toward the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. It can become an abcess, killing the tooth, before you ever experience a toothache or realize there is decay present.

Ta-da! We whip out our DIAGNOdent, hand-held laser cavity detector and come to the rescue. The laser extends our vision into the areas where cavities can develop and grow. It is 90% more accurate in detecting lesions not otherwise detectable with an explorer or x-rays. The laser emits a tone and registers a digital numerical reading relative to the extent of decay present within the tooth. This allows us to catch this insipient decay while it's still very small and therefore preserve your natural tooth...not to mention helping you avoid a big bad toothache that can really cause you problems later.

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