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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Came In Through The Front Door

I came into the office through the front door today.

We pride ourselves on our New Patient Experience at MoreSmiles. We want to exceed our patients' expectations for a dental office and surprise them with a "wow" experience every time they visit us.

So from time to time, I want to try to see our office as our patients see us...from the front door in. It's easier for me to come in the back entry, stop by my locker and then check things out as I come through the clinic up to the front office. But every now and then, it's good to take a fresh look and mix things up a bit.

What does the reception room look like to a patient as they enter? How does it smell? Is it warm and inviting? Are things neat and tidy, and what focal points attract attention? Is it pleasant and relaxing? What does the patient hear when they enter our world?

These are all things that we try to account for every single day, every single patient. When we achieve a positive dental experience for each patient, then we are creating positive attitudes about dentistry and allowing our patients the freedom to get the dental care that they need in a comfortable, caring, even pampering, environment.

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