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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does It Start in Your Toes??

It starts in my toes/Makes me crinkle my nose/Wherever it goes/I always know/That you make me smile.

So go the lyrics of a pop song by music artist Colbie Caillat entitled "Bubbly". And, sometimes, so it also goes at MoreSmiles. In our dental spa, we offer our patients the unique option of scheduling a foot reflexology massage to coincide with their dental appointment. This is but one way that we combine the polar-opposite worlds of dentistry and day spa to pamper our patients and create a dental experience unlike any other.

If you've ever experienced a truly authentic foot reflexology massage, then you have no trouble grasping the benefits of reflexology in a dental office. Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian technique that corelates pressure points in the feet to various organs or systems of the body, and manipulating these areas is believed by many people to be beneficial in improving health. Reflexology can be traced back 5000 years, and one of the 6 known original applications for it was in dentistry.

I have personally had reflexology therapy on numerous occasions and cannot dispute that there were both overall and specific health benefits. Way beyond any question is the absolute fact that, in my life, this is the number one most relaxing thing that never fails to render me completely chilled...comfortably and satisfyingly incapacitated. So, for a number of our dental patients over the years, reflexology has proven to be a perfect accompaniment to a long and tedious, or dreaded dental appointment. Whether you are anxious about dental treatment you need, or just plan to be in the dental chair for several hours, I would encourage you to consider asking us about booking a reflexology massage.

With advance notice, we can arrange for one of our freelance licensed massage therapists to be available during your dental visit. Fees vary and are due at the time of scheduling, and this should be scheduled as far ahead as possible to ensure availability of the therapist.

Additional benefits you can expect by combining dentistry and reflexology are that as you relax, your heart rate and respiration decrease, as does your metabolism. This tends to prolong the effects of local anesthesia allowing you to stay numb longer and with less anesthesia.

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