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Monday, February 04, 2008

Computer Upgrades Underway

Well, tomorrow is Mardi Gras in our part of the world. Many residents take the opportunity to leave town, as we have in the past, and go snow skiing. Businesses are pretty much shut down anyway if for no other reason than just that parade routes and schedules make it pretty much impossible to go anywhere unless a parade is your destination. We've traveled a good bit lately, had an opportunity to ski at New Year's, and between Boy Scout trips with our sons and Continuing Education coursework, Dr. Moreau's spent an extraordinary amount of time on the roads. So we decided to stay put this year. And, as it works out, it was also a good time to get into the office without patients and do a major overhaul on our computer system. We computerized our business office and appointment book in about 1987, easily at the forefront of dental office technology. When we moved into our new location in 2000, we completed the computerization of all operatories with dual monitors for doctor and patient viewing. But, if you're saavy enough to have found your way to this blog, you probably know that the lifespan of a computer is similar to that of a loaf of bread. Every year we pretty much replace a few computers with a faster, flatter, or more refined piece of hardware. But our dental management software has taken a quantum leap, and so it was necessary to position ourselves to take advantage of the enhancements. Over the next several months, we'll be introducing you to some aspects of our computer technology that will not only make us more efficient, but will make some transactions easier for you and allow us to better serve your individual needs. Yet another example of our committment to reinvesting in the practice for your benefit.

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