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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Laser Cavity Detection

Since 2000, our office has been using DIAGNOdent lasers for early detection of decay. We purchased the laser within a month after they first came on the market. We were, to my knowledge, the first dental practice in Louisiana to use DIAGNOdent (according to what the sales rep told me at the time).

Here's why the DIAGNOdent is such a valuable tool: With the use of fluoride in water supplies and toothpastes, the outside, hard surfaces of our teeth have become stronger and more resistent to decay. But when bacteria begins to form in the hard-to-reach pits and fissures in the natural tooth structure (and it always does!), it can be very difficult to diagnose with even an x-ray. The bacteria does not grow outward and spread across the exterior of the fluoride-fortified tooth enamel; it insidiously creeps down and inward toward the pulp (nerve) of the tooth. It can become an abcess, killing the tooth, before you ever experience a toothache or realize there is decay present.

Ta-da! We whip out our DIAGNOdent, hand-held laser cavity detector and come to the rescue. The laser extends our vision into the areas where cavities can develop and grow. It is 90% more accurate in detecting lesions not otherwise detectable with an explorer or x-rays. The laser emits a tone and registers a digital numerical reading relative to the extent of decay present within the tooth. This allows us to catch this insipient decay while it's still very small and therefore preserve your natural tooth...not to mention helping you avoid a big bad toothache that can really cause you problems later.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

News Segment Filmed at MoreSmiles

A film crew from a national broadcast news programming agency visited our office today to produce a news segment featuring spa dentistry. Our very gracious patient, Lauren, consented to being interviewed about her whitening experience at MoreSmiles, complete with complimentary paraffin bath on her hands, warm herbal neckroll, cozy blanket, and a reflexology foot massage. Dr. Moreau was also interviewed about the benefits of spa dentistry in helping patients to relax and be able to get the dentistry that they need. The segment will be broadcast over 250 network affiliates and 76 million households. Stay tuned for details on where you might catch it locally.

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I Came In Through The Front Door

I came into the office through the front door today.

We pride ourselves on our New Patient Experience at MoreSmiles. We want to exceed our patients' expectations for a dental office and surprise them with a "wow" experience every time they visit us.

So from time to time, I want to try to see our office as our patients see us...from the front door in. It's easier for me to come in the back entry, stop by my locker and then check things out as I come through the clinic up to the front office. But every now and then, it's good to take a fresh look and mix things up a bit.

What does the reception room look like to a patient as they enter? How does it smell? Is it warm and inviting? Are things neat and tidy, and what focal points attract attention? Is it pleasant and relaxing? What does the patient hear when they enter our world?

These are all things that we try to account for every single day, every single patient. When we achieve a positive dental experience for each patient, then we are creating positive attitudes about dentistry and allowing our patients the freedom to get the dental care that they need in a comfortable, caring, even pampering, environment.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does It Start in Your Toes??

It starts in my toes/Makes me crinkle my nose/Wherever it goes/I always know/That you make me smile.

So go the lyrics of a pop song by music artist Colbie Caillat entitled "Bubbly". And, sometimes, so it also goes at MoreSmiles. In our dental spa, we offer our patients the unique option of scheduling a foot reflexology massage to coincide with their dental appointment. This is but one way that we combine the polar-opposite worlds of dentistry and day spa to pamper our patients and create a dental experience unlike any other.

If you've ever experienced a truly authentic foot reflexology massage, then you have no trouble grasping the benefits of reflexology in a dental office. Reflexology is an ancient Egyptian technique that corelates pressure points in the feet to various organs or systems of the body, and manipulating these areas is believed by many people to be beneficial in improving health. Reflexology can be traced back 5000 years, and one of the 6 known original applications for it was in dentistry.

I have personally had reflexology therapy on numerous occasions and cannot dispute that there were both overall and specific health benefits. Way beyond any question is the absolute fact that, in my life, this is the number one most relaxing thing that never fails to render me completely chilled...comfortably and satisfyingly incapacitated. So, for a number of our dental patients over the years, reflexology has proven to be a perfect accompaniment to a long and tedious, or dreaded dental appointment. Whether you are anxious about dental treatment you need, or just plan to be in the dental chair for several hours, I would encourage you to consider asking us about booking a reflexology massage.

With advance notice, we can arrange for one of our freelance licensed massage therapists to be available during your dental visit. Fees vary and are due at the time of scheduling, and this should be scheduled as far ahead as possible to ensure availability of the therapist.

Additional benefits you can expect by combining dentistry and reflexology are that as you relax, your heart rate and respiration decrease, as does your metabolism. This tends to prolong the effects of local anesthesia allowing you to stay numb longer and with less anesthesia.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Just for funsies.

Ya' don't see this very authentic hambone musician. Hope it makes you smile.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bleaching Options--Britesmile vs. ZOOM

We get asked frequently about our one-hour in-office bleaching methods. Though we have, and use, both ZOOM and Britesmile, Britesmile has evolved to be our preferred method. Britesmile was the original product of its type, and we brought it into our office in 2001. Since then, we've performed a couple thousand in-office bleaching procedures. After Britesmile's success on the market, another dental supply company developed Zoom and began aggressive marketing. On the surface, the two methods seemed to work the same way, but technologically they were different. An infringement lawsuit ensued between the two companies, which was ultimately settled by Zoom and it's parent company buying the Britesmile company. So, Zoom and Britesmile are now both owned by Discus Dental. Don't ask me to go into the details of the different light technologies and the differences in the chemical makeup of the gel materials. But, in our hands, we have found the Britesmile product to consistently offer better results and more comfortably. So, in a nutshell, that's why we usually go to Britesmile first. Truth is that it costs us more to do Britesmile (because of course Discus wants to promote their own Zoom, so they make it more economical for the dentist), but we think it produces better results and happier patients. Keep in mind, that results do vary depending on your own natural shade, and causes of staining, etc. If you want to know what kind of results you can expect, the best thing to do is schedule a consult visit with our office so we can evaluate and discuss your goals and realistic expectations.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Computer Upgrades Underway

Well, tomorrow is Mardi Gras in our part of the world. Many residents take the opportunity to leave town, as we have in the past, and go snow skiing. Businesses are pretty much shut down anyway if for no other reason than just that parade routes and schedules make it pretty much impossible to go anywhere unless a parade is your destination. We've traveled a good bit lately, had an opportunity to ski at New Year's, and between Boy Scout trips with our sons and Continuing Education coursework, Dr. Moreau's spent an extraordinary amount of time on the roads. So we decided to stay put this year. And, as it works out, it was also a good time to get into the office without patients and do a major overhaul on our computer system. We computerized our business office and appointment book in about 1987, easily at the forefront of dental office technology. When we moved into our new location in 2000, we completed the computerization of all operatories with dual monitors for doctor and patient viewing. But, if you're saavy enough to have found your way to this blog, you probably know that the lifespan of a computer is similar to that of a loaf of bread. Every year we pretty much replace a few computers with a faster, flatter, or more refined piece of hardware. But our dental management software has taken a quantum leap, and so it was necessary to position ourselves to take advantage of the enhancements. Over the next several months, we'll be introducing you to some aspects of our computer technology that will not only make us more efficient, but will make some transactions easier for you and allow us to better serve your individual needs. Yet another example of our committment to reinvesting in the practice for your benefit.

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