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Monday, January 07, 2008

A Whistlestop Farewell to 2007


Well, the Christmas tree has been stripped naked and dragged to the end of the driveway, and our college student daughter has returned to campus. But, I'm just not willing to concede 2007 just yet. As always, the last few months of the year became a blur. I look back and wonder why life has to pass so quickly sometimes. I want to hang on to 2007 just a bit longer and savor some of the wonderful experiences that came and went without the luxury of dwelling.

From a business perspective, not starting in order of importance, it was the most successful year ever for MoreSmiles. We exceeded all our goals, added a new fully-equipped operatory, continued to expand the services we are able to offer to patients with the dental laser technology and oral conscious sedation, and added two top-notch team members who you, no doubt, will come to love and appreciate as they make all your experiences at MoreSmiles even more wonderful.
Over the holidays, our entire team traveled together by train to a nearby city for a weekend retreat and Christmas shopping. Our daughter had traveled home from college one weekend on the train, and a couple of our team members commented that they had never ridden a train. So, we decided to plan a train trip in lieu of our annual Christmas dinner celebration.

What a fun weekend it turned out to be! And we were able to step back from the daily routine and take some fresh looks at how we can better serve our patients.
Dr. Moreau and Cindi make plans for 2008 on board Amtrak.

Left to right, me, Jill, Theresa, Melissa and Cindi wait patiently at the train station.

Jill's mom and grandmother came out for a quick reunion at the depot in her hometown as we passed through.

The travel time provided a great opportunity
for team training via laptop-viewed
continuing education DVD's.

The whole gang enjoyed the festive Christmas decorations at the hotel.

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