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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How 'Bout Dem Tigers?!

I hate to say it, because anyone who knows me knows that I am an alum and eternally devoted fan of the Crimson Tide, but being a resident of Louisiana for almost 27 years now, The LSU Tigers have to be my #2 team. But today, they ARE the nation's #1 team!!

True, they had two losses this season, and both were in triple overtime. But, Tiger fans owe a debt to Alabama's QB (Sarah Jessica) John Parker Wilson...except for his fumble at the wrong end of the field in the Alabama/LSU game, LSU would have logged a 3rd loss! But, as it were, LSU was able to capitalize on that fumble and come from behind to beat Alabama in the final minutes of the game. I guess that's what you'd expect of a #1 team.

Also, I was very proud at the end of last night's game when, first the fans in the stands, and then the LSU team when gathered around the anchor desk for the closing comments, chanted "S-E-C!!" The SEC has to be the toughest conference in the nation! It's hard to emerge at the end of the season without an "L" ...even the SEC teams with the worst records can stand up against some of the better teams in other conferences.

And did anybody else notice the bling around Jamarcus Russell's neck while he was being interviewed? It said "Bama Boy" with a big (Crimson Tide) elephant head!! Nice of an LSU standout to give a nod to his Alabama roots! Thanks.

FOOTNOTE: Dr. Moreau, an LSU Dental School grad and lifelong New Orleanian, pledges allegiance to LSU, but under certain circumstances with proper arm twisting at home, he will support my Tide.


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