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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

World Clinical Laser Institute

We had the privilege last weekend of attending the World Clinical Laser Institute in Huntington Beach, CA. It was a wonderful and inspirational 3-day meeting in a beautiful setting. There were about 500 dentists there from all over the world--Holland, India, Japan and other Asian countries, just to name a few.

It was a good opportunity to share ideas with other enthusiastic laser dentists who are at various stages of learning with their Waterlase MD lasers. We have had ours for almost 2 years now and look forward to introducing it to more patients as the word gets out how beneficial it can be. The Waterlase MD is the newest generation of dental lasers and can be used on hard tissue as well as soft tissue and with a gentle flow of water that helps keep the patient comfortable without anesthesia.
Above left, Dr. Moreau meets with Dr. Robert Sergent, Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry and Biomaterials at LSU Dental School. We are pictured at right on our way into the Awards Dinner.


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Monday, March 12, 2007

Tongue Piercing Causes Patient to Lose Tooth

It's been reported on websites and in journals that tongue piercings can damage teeth, cause gum recession and even cause bone loss. In our practice today we have seen a tooth lost (unfortunately a front tooth) because of deterioration of the bone surrounding the tooth, caused by the repetitive banging of the metal ball against the back of the tooth.

The tooth had previously undergone root canal therapy prior to the tongue piercing. The patient came in a few days ago complaining of pain. An x-ray showed what appeared to be a large rounded shadow halo-ing the root tip of the tooth. A consult with our endodontist (root canal specialist) confirmed that the shadow indicated bone loss. She astutely recalled seeing similar cases in dental journals and recognized the damage as being that caused by a piercing. Further microscopic examination revealed that the tooth also had a fracture and could not be saved.

While the practice of piercing tongues can be traced back to early Egyptian times, its modern use has become prevalent only in recent years. We urge our patients to carefully consider the possible consequences of piercings and tatoos inside the mouth. Unfortunately for this patient, she will now be faced with considering the possible options for tooth replacement.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

State Legislators Meet With Northlake Dentists

Dr. Moreau (far right) met with state legislators and a dinner hosted annually by the Northlake Dental Association, a constituent society of the American Dental Association. The event gives legislators a chance to update dentists on issues that may affect dental and other health care professions, such as Medicaid reimbursement, licensing, prescriptive authority and proper supervision of dental auxiliaries. Pictured with Dr. Moreau are (l. to r.) Louisiana Dental Association (LDA) Executive Director Ward Blackwell, LDA President-Elect Dr. Thomas H. Price of Lake Charles, and Rep. (and senatorial candidate) Pete Schneider.

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February - Where Did it Go?

February - Where Did it Go?

Wow! Twenty-eight days goes by in a hurry. February is always a "short" month here in the New Orleans area with the distractions of Mardi Gras, but this one really got away from us.

The sudden illness and loss of a very dear aunt, my ski accident resulting in two torn ligaments, and the ensuing birth of 3 Maltese puppies in our home kept us on edge the better part of those 28 days. And still, we continued to help save the world from tooth decay with another record-breaking month at MoreSmiles. :-)

Looking ahead, our entire team will be attending the New Orleans Dental Conference held this year for the first time in conjunction with the Louisiana Dental Association. It promises to be a great meeting with excellent nationally known speakers and lots of great study opportunities.

In the next couple of months, Dr. Moreau will also be attending the World Clinical Laser Institute on the West Coast, the American Dental Association's Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C., and the Annual Scientific Session of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry of which he is a Sustaining Member.

We are committed to quality continuing education opportunities that will benefit our patients.


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Electronic Stimulation Relaxes Jaw Muscles to Find a Comfortable Bite

If you wake up in the morning with sore jaw muscles or tense neck pain, or if you develop headaches through the day, the cause may be traced to an improper occlusion, or how your teeth come together when you bite down.
Further evidence of a bad bite can also be flat, worn teeth, frequently on the lower front. This wear on the teeth is caused by teeth that hit against each other too hard or by grinding (bruxism). Some people grind their teeth at night and are not even aware they're doing it, yet they wonder why they have sensitive teeth, TMJ (temporamandibular joint) pain, sore muscles at their temples and tender muscles on the side of their face.

This can be diagnosed through a neuromuscular exam in our office, followed by the use of a low-frequency TENS unit (transcutaneous electronic nerve stiumlation). These harmless electronic waves, the same that have been used in physical therapy and chiropractic for decades, do three things: 1) They relieve pain caused by muscle tension as the muscles "fight" with the teeth over where the proper position of your jaws should be. 2) The pulsing of these muscles brings blood to the area which provides oxygen to heal the inflamed muscle cells. It also flushes out toxins caused by metabolic waste of muscle spasm. 3) Finally, while the muscles are relaxed and comfortable, this pulsing allows the jaws to move into their most relaxed, natural position. Here is where they can feel comfortable and function without causing muscle tension and stress to the TMJ.

Options for the proper final treatement to maintain this new bite can be chosen by you, the patient.

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